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LifeBoost - 90 pcs.

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Contributes to the daily maintenance and strengthening of the immune system and metabolism, helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and to a strengthening of the anti-inflammatory factors. Contributes to good synovial fluid and joint cartilage production. Helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. Contributes to detoxifying the body of heavy metals.
Dosage is 1 capsule per 10 kg dog daily.
The capsule is made of bovine gelatin and is fully soluble.

EasyVital LifeBoost
We are now almost celebrating our 20th anniversary with our invention of separating the cell walls, so the vitamin complexes
is available for full admission for the dog, and we have also seen incredible results over the years with it
special products that work.
We have now gathered all our experience in one and the same product, which is intended as a daily supplement that, together with Daily Care Green, constitutes all the necessary micronutrients as well as the supplements that benefit the dog.
The contents of Lifeboost are:
Rosehip and Camu Camu , which together have the world's highest content of natural vitamin C
Cats-Claw is a plant from the Amazon that has a high effect on the formation of white blood cells and thus has an effect on infections. Several studies are ongoing with arthritis, cancer and the immune system.
Spirulina is a green algae that contains chlorophyll, which is antiseptic and keeps the number of red and white blood cells high, which increases the immune system
Schizochytrium contains omega 3 fatty acids - it is from this algae that wild fish get their high content of Omega 3.
Ascophyllum is a brown algae that has a high content of important minerals (e.g. iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium), typically in amounts that are ten times greater than in plants grown on land.
Green-lipped mussel and glucosamine from crushed shrimp shells together have a great effect on the formation of a higher synovial fluid production and a higher articular cartilage production that may be necessary for a normal state of the musculoskeletal system.

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