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Giardia Antigen Rapid Home test kit - 1 PC

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It is a single-celled parasite called Giardia lamblia. It is larger than bacteria, but cannot be seen with the naked eye. It exists in 2 states: an active form (trophozoite) and in a resting form as a cyst.
It is mostly transmitted through infected faeces, but can also be transmitted through water contaminated by the parasite. In the cyst form, it can survive in the environment for up to 6 months.
Dogs can re-infect themselves, as the cyst can stay in the fur around the anus, which is why washing the area after every defecation is extremely important.
Treatment can take place with 2 agents: Fenbendazole once a day for 5 days, and several vets recommend a new treatment again after 14 days.
Metronidazole is also used, but is not as effective and there can be side effects in the form of reduced appetite, vomiting and behavioral changes.
In case of repeated feedings, the small intestine can be damaged, and parts of the intestine can be destroyed so that the absorbability can change for the rest of life, and very specific feeding plans may be necessary, partly to achieve sufficient absorbability of the nutrients, but also to ensure a stable stool.
Cleaning and disinfection are paramount and washing of both dog and home must be done with an agent called Virkon S. It is dissolved in water and the dog is washed after each defecation.
The entire home must also be washed daily in Virkon S - this applies to all floors, carpets and furniture that the dog comes into as well as all table and chair legs.
Likewise, the entire home must be steam cleaned with a machine that emits steam at no less than 130 degrees.
This must also be done every day, and the treatment must not last less than 14 days.
Giardia is highly contagious, and it is important for the dog's prognosis that you take cleaning and disinfection very seriously.
The dog must under no circumstances be with other dogs during the period, and any faeces must be completely picked up and destroyed. Wash the defecation site with Virkon S.
In most cases, Giardia comes with dogs from Eastern Europe, and if you have the slightest suspicion of e.g. thin stomach, you must immediately collect 3 stool samples, which you hand in to your vet, who can determine under a microscope whether it is infected. Alternatively, you can buy a Giardia Antigen Rapid Test on this page, so you can check for yourself whether it is infected.

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