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bogavital Relax Tabs Support 120 pcs

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The Relax tablets from Bogar contain magnesium, selected B vitamins, valerian, hops and lemon balm, make your dog relax in stressful situations, while tryptophan has a mood-lifting and calming effect.

Dogs have to go out and experience, they have to face new challenges every day.

Thunderstorms, car noise, other noise, as well as changes in their social environment (it can be a move, change of owner, etc.) can be overwhelming and cause stress.

This results in behavior such as howling, gasping, aggression or hyperactivity.


  1. One tablet per Day per 10kg body weight - can be given as a reward or added to the dog's food.
  2. When using for longer periods - take a break for two weeks every three months.

180g/120g tablets

Product benefits and effectiveness

  • Contains vitamin B complex and magnesium for strong nerves
  • contains hops and valerian for a balanced mind
  • With uplifting tryptophan
  • Strengthens mental balance
  • Against social stress or lethargy

Composition: Yeast, whey powder, potato starch, dextrose, liver hydrolyzate, minerals, valerian (0.67%), lemon balm (0.67%), hops (0.67%).

Analysis: protein 21.6%, fat 3.3%, fiber 0.6%, ash 22%, magnesium 3.4%.

Food supplements per kg: Vitamin B1 340mg, Vitamin B2 670mg, Vitamin B6 340mg, Vitamin B12 3340g, L-Tryptophan 67000mg.

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