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Adaptil Collar 70 cm.

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The collar with pheromones has a calming effect on the dog. Alternatively used for nervous/anxious dogs when you are outside the home. Several scientific studies show that the dog's own safety pheromones help dogs of all ages to clearly reduce their stress level to be able to relax again more quickly.

The ADAPTIL collar should only be taken out of the package when the dog is to wear it. The collar is attached to the dog and adjusted so that there is a finger's width between the collar and the dog. Cut off the excess part of the collar. Leave the collar on the dog around the clock. The collar should only be removed when the dog has to bathe or go swimming. Put the collar back on the dog when it is dry.

The collar works for 4 weeks. If there are several dogs in the household, it is recommended that all dogs wear ADAPTIL collars - or that an ADAPTIL diffuser is set up.

ADAPTIL collars should not be used on dogs with extensive skin damage.

ADAPTIL collars are optimal for use both indoors and outdoors, and are very suitable for the following indications:

  • Puppies during the socialization period
  • Moving puppies and adult dogs
  • Puppy training
  • Air trips
  • Uncertainty inside and outside the boat
  • Admission to animal hospital
  • The dog is looked after by others
  • Holiday trips with the dog
  • New Year's anxiety

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