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CentralCare - Flea and tick agent - 50 ml.

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CentralCare - Flea and Tick remedy

A plant-based gel that repels fleas and ticks without the use of toxins.

After application, the gel's scent minimizes the number of fleas and ticks that burrow into the fur. The ticks that do reach the skin will be unable to reproduce and will quickly die.

The gel must be kept refrigerated and a spatula should be used when applying, to ensure that the gel remains hygienic with a long shelf life. It is not recommended to stick your fingers directly into water-based products, as this can predict bacterial growth and mold formation.

50 ml aluminum bucket coated with a thin layer of food-safe varnish.

Active Ingredients:

Tick ​​repellent for dogs: Lemon verbena hydrosol*, geranium hydrosol*, neem oil*, glycerin*, cedarwood oil***, lemongrass oil***, lavender oil***, guarmel**, powdered aloe vera**.

Tick ​​agent for cats and puppies: Lavender hydrosol*, geranium hydrosol*, distilled water, neem oil*, glycerin*, guarmel**, powdered aloe vera**.

* Organic

** Biodynamic

*** Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade® (CPTG®)

Gels from Central are hand-stirred in small portions, colored with natural ingredients such as neem oil and scented with CTPG®-certified essential oils (for dogs: 0.54%; for cats: may be traces of essential oils in hydrosols) or organic flower water, which can lead to minor variations in the gel's consistency, color and scent.

The gel is vegan and consists of natural (100%), organic (for dogs: 98%; for cats: 75%) and biodynamic (for dogs: 1.62%; for cats: 1.21%) ingredients. The gel thus complies with Ecocert's requirements for natural products (minimum 95% plant-based ingredients; minimum 10% of all ingredients must be organically grown), and is also completely free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, nanoparticles and parabens.

You can read more about the ingredients used and their effect contribution to the product here .

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