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Collection: Dog travel bed · Cloud7

Travel beds and travel blankets for dogs in classic design from Cloud7

Take your dog with you around the city and on holidays with a smart travel blanket that not only gives your dog a soft place to lie down - but which is also beautifully designed and durably constructed.
Through many years of experience in the production of exclusive products for dogs and dog owners, Cloud7 has launched a number of different travel rugs that all have in common that they are well-crafted and beautifully designed.
A travel blanket is a really good solution for you who want to take your dog on a trip and want to give it a place that is always its own - no matter where you are.

Smart travel blankets for the dog in the city

When you have a dog in the city, you are quickly tempted to take it around with you. And it's certainly also a really good idea - if you just remember to do it in a way so that it's always a positive experience for your dog.
It is becoming more and more normal to have your dog with you in cafés and restaurants, and far more places now also allow you to have your dog with you - which just makes it even more fun to have a dog in cities and urban areas.
And it's actually not a bad idea to take your dog with you - because the more positive experiences your dog gets in new surroundings, the more self-confidence and experience your dog gets. And one of the really smart ways you can always have your dog with you - is by having a travel blanket that your dog can lie down on and that it associates with security.
If you want to take your dog around cities or on city holidays, our clear recommendation is a travel blanket that also functions as a bag.

Best travel blanket for the dog on car holidays and walks

But it's not only when the dog needs to relax next to the café chair that a travel blanket is a good thing to have for the dog. If you are going on a car holiday or a trip into the great outdoors, a water-repellent travel blanket can make the trip easier and more comfortable for your dog.
The water-resistant surface means that the dog can use the travel blanket, even if your dog may be wet or dirty, without you having to worry about anything. It can be a really good thing to have in the car when you have been on a trip.
If the dog is wet or dirty, you can just roll out your dog blanket and then the dog can lay there without the car getting dirty and getting stains.

These travel blankets from Cloud7 are particularly suitable for taking with you on holidays and for keeping in the car, as they come in smart packaging. You just have to roll up the dog blanket and put it in the associated bag - and voila, you have a travel blanket for dogs that doesn't take up much space.
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