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Collection: First aid, wound treatment and tick spray for dogs

Fleas, ticks and small injuries - it's all part of having a dog. Therefore, it is always a good idea to be prepared. At TheWoofPack, we have everything you need to, among other things, treat minor injuries and fight and prevent ticks and ticks on your dog.

Prevent ticks and vermin with tick spray for dogs

In Denmark, we have a fairly long tick season. Peak season for ticks is from October to May, but the season is already in full swing from March. There are many ways to fight and prevent ticks in Denmark - and it is important to do so. Because some ticks and ticks carry dangerous diseases, which risk spreading to your dog if bitten.

That is why we always recommend that you have a tick spray and a tick tweezer at home and in the car. You can read much more about ticks and how to prevent them as best as possible in our blog post right here.

Effective wound treatment for dogs

It is almost inevitable that your dog will get minor injuries in between. And just as we also have some for small injuries for ourselves at home - it is also a good idea to have some for your dog too.

Wound treatment for your dog can easily be done at home - as long as the injury is not too serious of course. If this is the case, our advice is of course a visit to the vet.

Be well prepared with a first aid kit for dogs

Whether you are going on a car holiday with your dog, or just want to be well prepared at home - we have a smart first aid kit with everything you need for your dog.

A first aid kit is ideal when you have to travel, so you can get rid of the worry a little and know for sure that you can take care of your dog in the event of an accident.

Get dog care delivered to you and your dog's home

When you shop here in the webshop, we always do our best to ensure that you have as good an experience as possible. If you have any questions and need guidance - please contact us. Our phone is open during our store's normal opening hours. You can also send us an email at - we will reply as soon as we can.

Once you have placed your order in our webshop, we pack and ship as quickly as we can. We ship to your nearest parcel shop with GLS and have good experience with their delivery times.

We are happy to help you find the right dog care in Aarhus

If you live in Aarhus or the surrounding area, you also have the option of ordering your order with local pickup here in the store. We will then pack your order and get it ready for you to quickly drop by and pick it up.

Remember that your dog is also more than welcome here in the dog shop.

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