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Novermin - non-toxic tick and flea remedy

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What is the best flea treatment for cats?

The answer is simple: A non-toxic flea remedy.
Novermin is a good bet.

Novermin is a highly effective non-toxic agent against ticks and fleas. It is completely without pesticides, but both deterrent and killer. The tick dies within 8 hours, as its keratin shield dissolves and thereby dehydrates it and dies.

Novermin is a spot on product completely free of toxic substances. It is based on aesthetic oils and has approx. same effect as the means containing poisons. It is completely without side effects. A fantastic news.
ETVITAL Novermin
The new biological "Spot on" against ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, lice and other pests.

What does it contain?
Dodecanoic acid (larenic acid, which occurs naturally in coconut oil)
Margosa extract (from Neem)
Isopropyl myristate = saturated fatty acid and natural biological stabilizer from coconut oil

How does PETVITAL Novermin work against external parasites?
Repellent = disgust through margosa extract (from Neem oil seeds) and dodecanoic acid

Advantages compared to conventional products:
1. Many produce odor (especially for cats) strong from Neem. PETVITAL Novermin smells acceptable (12 out of 15 people perceive the smell as acceptable or even do not perceive it)
2. Most of the conventionally damaged products do not infiltrate the upper skin layer and are therefore washed out faster. PETVITAL Novermin, due to its special galenic (optimal from the presentation of an active component) with the thin liquid wax form isopropyl mytistat, infiltrates into the upper skin layer, but not into the blood circulation. Therefore, it cannot be washed out, but it is scaled with replacement of the skin. Longer effect even in the rain, after taking a bath or shower or after swimming. The effect continues up to 4 weeks.
3. PETVITAL Novermin is spread drop-by-drop on the skin, from the head to the radix of the caudal. Only a little runs into the hair, therefore a better distribution on the skin than products from commercial rivals, because it is not watery.
PETVIAL Novermin has an excellent accenptance of the treated animal together with a very good effect and compatibility. It also caused no allergic reaction, even after being licked by cats or negative skin reactions.

One pipette is distributed from the neck down along the spine and down to the root of the tail. Distribute into the coat.
Operating time approx. 4 weeks, then a new pipette is given.
Duration of action is reduced if the animal is exposed to water.

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