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Easy-Living Straw bedding - 6kg

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The world's best bedding? Possibly!

Easy-living bedding for birds, rodents, horses, etc., is a specially developed bedding for you who place high demands on hygiene and the well-being of animals
Easy-living bedding is a pure natural product based on a carefully selected mixture of straw from Danish cereals
Easy-living bedding is effectively cleaned and heat-treated under high pressure at over 100° C, and is therefore free of harmful bacteria and fungal spores
Easy-living bedding effectively binds ammonia and eliminates bad odors for the benefit of both animals and humans
Easy-living bedding has an enormous ability to absorb liquid – up to 500%. The birds' droppings are effectively dried out, so that the bedding remains porous for a long time
Easy-living bedding consists of long granulated straw fibers that have been dusted several times, so that dust and fine particles are reduced to a minimum. It provides well-being for both animals and people

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