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Dog training in style from Cloud7

Cloud7 is not just a brand that designs delicious products for your dog. Cloud7 also has a keen eye for the fact that you, as a dog owner, also want a nice design and good quality when you have to train your dog. That's why Cloud7 has also prepared a number of delicious cases such as training dummies and treat bags in a timeless design. And it is of course all in the high quality that characterizes designs from Cloud7.

Treat bags in a stylish design

Plenty of treats are an absolute must when it comes to dog training. There are many ways you can choose to have your treats with you. The best and easiest way to make sure you never run out of treats is to have a treat bag with you.

Treat bags for training with the dog come in many shapes and colors and with many different types of closures. A Cloud7 treat bag is a stylish winner - whatever model you choose must be your companion for the walk.

All treat bags from Cloud7 are equipped with a separate pocket for dog treats - so you don't have to worry about whether you have everything with you when you go out the door.

With a practical treat bag, you can just concentrate on training your dog - no matter where you are. If you are going for a longer walk, our clear recommendation is without a doubt our Cloud7 belt bag in a stylish design - it has room for both your and the dog's necessities.

Dummies for hunting and dog training

Whether you are training a dog for hunting or simply doing dog training with your dog, you can easily make good use of a training dummy.

With us you will find both a large and durable dummy in canvas for training larger dogs - but for smaller dogs and puppies we also have a snack dummy , which you can fill with some of your dog's favorite snacks and in that way make the dummy itself irresistible to your dog.

A training dummy is good to take out into nature and is also a minimalist dog toy of extra good quality that can be used for many different things - it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits for your dog training.

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