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Collection: Best dental care for dogs

There are many benefits to having a good dental care routine for your dog. First and foremost, good oral hygiene for your dog helps to improve your dog's general health. If you have a small dog, regular dental care is extra important, as small dogs are more likely to develop tartar and periodontal disease.

How do I clean my dog's teeth?

Start by having a toothbrush, toothpaste and, of course, treats ready. It is both funnest for you and your dog when it is a good experience.

Put dog toothpaste on the toothbrush - carefully open your dog's mouth and then brush the bites.

If it is not something your dog is used to - then it is perfectly okay if you are only allowed to brush the teeth for a very short time the first time. Better a big success in a short time than a long and frustrating habit.

Some dogs must have their teeth brushed several times a week, while others can only do so once in a while. Always remember to ask your own vet for advice on how often you should brush your dog's teeth.

Get dental care for dogs delivered to your home

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