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Collection: Travel blanket for dog

Dog blankets and travel blankets

Will the dog go on a trip?

Whether you're just going to a small café or going on holiday together, there's no doubt that both you and your dog can get a lot out of a good blanket for the journey.

The dog wants to lie comfortably, and there are many options. A dog blanket that is easy to take under your arm is the Cloud7 dog blanket Tweed Grey , which takes up almost nothing when folded.

For the slightly longer walks in nature, the water-repellent dog blanket Aspen is available in 4 colors and is washable, and it also comes in a smart bag that is included.

If you are taking the dog on a trip, there is every chance of finding dog blankets for the trip at TheWoofPack.

How to use a dog travel blanket

If the goal is for your dog to automatically lie down when you find the travel blanket - then it is important that you have already taught your dog that a travel blanket equals lying down and relaxing. This is best practiced at home in familiar surroundings.

When the dog has learned to lie down on the carpet when it is ready, you can start taking it on walks. You will find that your dog will automatically lie down no matter where you are - because if it has been taught properly, the blanket not only equals peace, but also security for your dog.

You will be able to save a lot of frustration and worry when you have your dog with you around with a good and comfortable travel blanket for your dog.

Find a travel blanket for your dog in your local dog shop

At TheWoofPack, we take pride in providing a good service - every time you visit us. The most important thing for us is that you and your dog find what you need - and that helps you feel good together.

If you are in doubt about which travel blanket is right for you and your dog, then come down to our store and we will guide you with the best we have learned. Your dog is also welcome - perhaps your dog also has an opinion on which travel blanket is the best.

Have your dog travel blanket delivered - or order for local collection in the store

When you order from us, we strive to send your package as quickly as possible. If you live in Aarhus or the surrounding area, you can also choose to order for local collection in the store. We are located in Borggade in Aarhus and make your package ready for collection as soon as we can.

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