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Are you looking for a Christmas calendar for dogs? Find inspiration to make your own at TheWoofPack.

When the jingle starts to play, we all know what it's time for - Christmas cheer and presents. And the Christmas season can easily be made into something very special for your dog.

Because why should the four-legged friends be cheated of extra good pampering at Christmas - well, we can't see any good reason for that either. Whether you want to make an advent calendar, or are simply looking for a Christmas present for a dog, you can be sure that we have delicious and durable products that your dog will love.

Make your own Christmas calendar for your dog

Maybe you are looking for a Christmas calendar for dogs, but at the same time you also want to know for sure that the treats in the Christmas calendar are just right. Why not choose the treats yourself?

You can choose to wrap them in traditional gift paper - but you can also reuse some boxes you already have. Maybe your dog will think it's extra fun with a Christmas calendar where there is both an extra good snack every day - and that it comes in a package that the dog can "unpack" himself.

Dog toys for Christmas

Some dogs just love their toys more than anything else. Some need something that moves, others something that can be chewed for a long time. It's just wonderful when you find something that makes your dog so happy.

For the dog that likes both teddy bears and treats, the reindeer from NufNuf, for example, will be the perfect gift for your dog. It can be filled with treats, so there is good activation.

Something to munch on under the Christmas tree

You may be asking – what is a good Christmas present for my dog? And we just have to say that our experience is that something delicious to chew on is, as a general rule, always a hit with the dogs. After all, the best Christmas present is the one that lasts as long as possible - and this is absolutely no exception for the four-legged ones.

Why not add something extra delicious to chew on under the Christmas tree for the dog? The popular chew bars with dried cheese from Yakers are, among other things, the obvious choice for both the dog that likes to chew, the puppy and the dog with a sensitive stomach.

Another option is a chewing antler for the dog. We have good experience with them for dogs who just love to chew all day long. The antlers are available both whole and half - which one is good for your dog depends a lot on how much they chew and how big it is.

Find the best Christmas gift for a dog

Whether you are looking for a gift for your own dog or for a much-loved dog in the family, there is almost nothing that beats a tasty and exclusive treat for the dog. We always have a multitude of quality snacks for both foodies, picky eaters and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

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