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Collection: Dog blankets

Dog blanket for puppies and adult dogs.

The most important thing before you choose your dog rug is to look at the dimensions of the dog rug.

Dog blankets are a matter of taste, but at TheWoofPack, you will find a careful selection of dog blankets for both small and large dogs, in many different colors and sizes.

The beautiful fleece blankets from Cloud7 Dog rugs adorn both the floor, the car and the sofa and are extra soft - the perfect dog rug for the cozy dog.

There are many different sizes of dog blankets, and perhaps it is not just one dog blanket but several dog blankets that there is room for in the house or apartment.

A delicious and soft blanket for the dog, there is nothing better than seeing our dog lying down and sleeping safe and well, perhaps in a dog bed, decorated with a dog blanket. The best collection: Dog rugs.

Dog blanket guide - what is the best dog blanket for my dog?

What is the optimal dog blanket? Should the dog blanket be made of fleece? Should the dog blanket be made of wool? Should the dog blanket be made of polyester? As you can see, there are many options, and you want to be absolutely sure before you buy the dog rug for your dog.

The dog blankets are available in several sizes, if you have a puppy, you should probably start with a small dog blanket, and if it is a larger dog, you can easily choose a larger dog blanket.

Get your dog blanket delivered to your door

When you buy a dog blanket in our webshop, you typically have your goods in the following days. We always start our working day by packing orders and dispatch them every day from Monday to Friday.

We usually ship with GLS and we have good experience with their delivery ability. There can of course be delays, but they are usually good at delivering on time.

Find your next dog blanket here at TheWoofPack

At The woof pack, we are proud to be able to offer you a large selection of the best dog blankets on the market.

Find durable dog blankets in many different materials

In addition to just the appearance, there can be many things that influence which dog rug you should choose. We have tried to make it clear. Show the good and bad things about each material below. Wool dog blankets are often a bit warmer and good for cold-loving dogs – whereas polyester dog blankets are usually more resistant and easier to maintain.

Fleece dog blankets and cotton dog blankets are always a hit when you're on the go - or for the new puppy.

If you are considering a quality rug in a beautiful design, the option from Labbvenn Hundetæpper is here, beautiful and elegant dog rugs that will adorn any home.

TheWoofPack has a wide selection of dog blankets for all dog breeds, puppies, small dogs and large dogs. By the way, have you found a good dog basket ?

Dog blanket
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