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Collection: Dog snacks

Good dog treats and tasty dog ​​snacks

Natural dog snacks and treats for dogs are, in our opinion, the only right thing to offer our four-legged friends.

That's why at TheWoofPack we have a multitude of different flavours, textures and sizes when it comes to treats - so you have plenty of opportunity to find the best treats for your dog.

We have, among other things, dog snacks with fish, duck, chicken, beef and horse. All our treats are made from pure ingredients and are therefore without artificial additives and colourings. We understand the importance of the dog having quality - also when it comes to snacks.

Natural snacks for your dog

Dogs need lots of treats throughout their lives, so why not give them the best of the kind – namely the natural ones.

Whether it's pure fun with the dog, or you're looking for the best reward for dog training, we can't ignore that the dog treat is an effective tool we can use with our dogs.

For training, we usually recommend our bags from snackies, where you can find a large selection of cubes of air-dried meat with a high percentage of raw protein and low fat content.

When it needs to be enjoyed at home, our Yakers chewing gum is always a hit! They can be used by both adult dogs and small puppies. The cheese bone provides many hours of entertainment for your dog and does not get greasy like many other chew bones tend to do.

What are the best dog treats for my dog?

In our opinion, the optimal dog snack or dog treat must be made from natural ingredients – and without artificial additives and colourings.

A great many unnatural dog snacks have been produced, and they are certainly not the healthy dog ​​snacks that your dog benefits from. And although the completely unnatural dog treats may make your dog's mouth water, there is a very good reason to be careful when buying treats for the dog.

But recently there have also been more and more examples of some dog snacks that are unfortunately filled with both plastic and metal.

You don't have to worry about such an experience when you buy treats for the dog at TheWoofPack - we only sell treats that are responsibly produced.

Some dog snacks are to be used for treats, other dog snacks are to be used for dog training. There is a big difference in the length of dog treats today. That's why you have to look in the bag before you buy them, how they look, or ask us in the store.

Healthy dog ​​treats - produced in the EU

We take pride in being frontrunners when it comes to finding the best, healthiest and most natural treats for your dog. That is why we have high demands on our suppliers and we always keep an eye on whether their production changes and what this means for the quality and for your dog.

Whether you buy a bag of Snackies , or a delicious perhaps a delicious dried chewy snack - you can be sure that we prioritize treats that are produced in the EU.

It is both about the fact that we in the EU have some good and sound rules when it comes to the production of food for pets - but also because we want to shop as locally as we possibly can. Both for our dogs and to make it easier for you to shop more sustainably for your dog.

Buy dog ​​treats and dog snacks in different sizes and shapes

Always have different dog snacks in stock so you have something to switch between. We humans don't eat the same thing every day either, so a few different dog treats won't hurt to have lying around.

We recommend always having the treat bag filled with different treats, it helps to keep the interest of the dog - after all, he never knows what he will get, so he better listen!

We have treats for small and large dogs. You can also advantageously cut the treats into smaller pieces if you have a very small dog or a puppy. The taste is just as good, even if the piece is a little smaller. Then you can also spoil your dog a little more often when it is with you for a walk.

Large selection of dog treats at TheWoofPack - in the middle of Aarhus

At TheWoofPack we are proud to offer you a large selection of dog snacks. You can find many types of dog snacks and dog treats with us.

We have exactly the same selection of dog treats - regardless of whether you shop in our webshop or come by our dog shop in Aarhus . We are also available if you have questions and need help finding the best dog snack.

Remember - our noblest goal is to give you a good experience visiting our store and website. Your luxury dog ​​only gets the best when you shop with us

We have, among other things, the popular treats from Lila loves it and a multitude of different natural chewable snacks from whesco.

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