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Collection: Dog toys · Treusinn

Dog toys Treusinn – handmade quality for your dog

There are a lot of dog toys, and what is the right dog toy for your dog?

TheWoofPack has a partnership with Treusinn, which produces dog toys.

Sustainable materials, dog toys with organic rope.

Whether this dog toy is to be used for dog training or for dog play in the garden, there is plenty of opportunity to choose more than one piece of dog toy from Treusinn.

Several different pieces of dog toys are produced in several different colors, and several of them can also float on water.

If, after looking in the shop, you are still in doubt, or have questions about any of the toys for the dog, do not hesitate to call or write to us, or visit us in our dog shop TheWoofPack on Borggade in Aarhus.

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