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Collection: Dog toys

Exclusive selection of dog toys

A dog basket full of fun dog toys is not only a must to make the dog happy - dog toys are also an essential part of activating and stimulating your dog.

With us you will find dog toys in sustainable and durable materials such as natural rubber, ropes and teddy bears in suede.

Our goal is that you can always find a delicious and fun piece of dog toy, which is also of good and durable quality.

What is the best dog toy for my puppy?

How do I find toys my dog ​​likes? Is it best if it is round, how hard should it be and what size is best for my dog? There are plenty of questions when you are looking for a high-quality dog ​​toy.

If you have a puppy, it is important that the toy is not too hard to bite into. This is because puppy teeth are much more fragile and can break if the toy is too hard.

For puppies, our natural rubber puppy toys are the best choice. When puppies are teething, it is especially important to give them some teething toys that the puppy can handle bite in – as their gums itch and irritate a lot during this period.

All the dog toys for puppies you find with us are responsibly produced and contain no poisons or toxins. You can safely let your dog play with what you find in our dog shop.

Storage of sustainable dog toys

Where should you store your dog toys? You often ask yourself that question when you have bought way too many dog ​​toys for your dog, or perhaps dogs.

Some of the dog toys may only be for the garden, and may stay there, while others have space both inside and outside. If the dog toy is so dirty and needs to be brought back in, where should it be stored?

Should dog toys have a specific place inside where the dog can find them, or should they be lying around the house or apartment? Yes, there are always a thousand questions, but one thing is certain, dog toys are indispensable for dogs

Durable dog toys and things for dogs

One of the things we often get asked is if we have dog toys that can't be bitten. And here we can answer very simply that all dog toys can be bitten to pieces over time.

However, we strive to have as durable toys for dogs as possible.
At TheWoofPack you will find, among other things, teddy bears in suede and delicious toys in natural rope. Should the dog toy also fit in with the decor? Then check out our fine dog legs in furniture fabric from Cloud7.

Buy toys for dogs and puppies at TheWoofPack

Regardless of whether you come to visit our dog shop in Aarhus or visit us more often here in our dog webshop - our goal is for you to have the same good experience.
We will send your dog toys to you as soon as possible - often your order will be sent the day after you order.

When you buy dog ​​toys from us, you typically have your goods a few days later. There can of course be delays at GLS, but they are usually very good at delivering at the agreed time.

Why buy activity toys for dogs?

Many of the dogs we have today were originally bred to work and be active most of the day. And although we no longer require dogs to work for food, the dog still has its urges and need for stimulation intact.

That is why it is a really good idea to have different activity toys for your dog. It stimulates your dog's instincts and makes him naturally tired and calm. In addition to giving you some peace and quiet - it also makes your dog happy and satisfied.

Your local dog shop in Aarhus C

We are proud to be the first dog shop with exclusive dog toys in Jutland. With us you will find dog toys for small dogs and large dogs - if there is something specific you are looking for that you cannot find, then come into the store, we will be happy to order it to your home if we can.

Take your dog on a trip and visit our dog shop - we love it when the four-legged friends come along. Who knows, maybe your dog can choose for himself which dog toy he would like to bring home.

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