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Collection: Dog towel & bathrobes for dogs

Luxurious dog towel and bathrobe for your dog

Whether you're on the go with the dog, or have just come home from a nice walk, there's one thing we can rarely avoid - namely the dog's bath time.

Here at TheWoofPack, we naturally care about your dog being pampered and having a good time - so only the best products of the highest quality get through the eye of the needle to our shop and store. This applies both when we find delicious care products for your dog's paws and fur, and when you need to find a dog towel or a boat coat for your dog.

Where can I find the best dog towel for my dog?

As a dog owner, you quickly find out that it is a good rule of thumb to have a good towel in the car or bag when the dog is on a trip. This makes it much easier to quickly dry the dog's paws and ears and you also avoid dirt and grime spreading everywhere.

But towels for dogs don't just have to be a practical thing. We know from ourselves that there is a very big difference between the towels you dry yourself with - and of course this also applies to dogs. That is why we only sell the best dog towels with us. We take into account both quality and comfort for your dog.

Exclusive bathrobes for dogs

Bathrobes are no longer just something reserved for us two-legged creatures. Recently, more and more people have come to realize that our four-legged friends also have a multitude of options when it comes to choosing a bathrobe - and as always, we are ready with a high-quality bathrobe for the discerning dog and dog owner.

The delicious and popular dog bathrobes from Cloud7 and LILA LOVES IT have already made their mark as some of the best on the dog market – and there is a very special reason for that.

In addition to getting a matching dog towel, which is smart to take with you on the go - the dog bathrobe is both extremely absorbent and is equipped with a soft inside that ensures extra comfort for the dog, so that it can wear its bathrobe for a long time, without being bothered by it.

Make the dog's bath time pure luxury time

Yes, you read that right – why shouldn't your dog also try the ultimate pampering? Let your dog enjoy the time in the bath with delicious fur treatment for dogs that provides moisture and shine to both skin and fur.

No self-indulgence without snacks ! Maybe it's pure bribery, but a delicious treat that your dog absolutely can't resist is not only a reward for the dog, but also a really good way to get a puppy or young dog used to being in the bath and maybe even getting to to love it.

When the dog is both washed and groomed, you can give it a nice and soft bathrobe. The dog bathrobe can be closed at the tail so that it can be completely relaxed on the sofa or dog bed , without you having to worry about wet spots, or about blow-drying your dog.

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