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Collection: Dog food

Top quality dog ​​food from -

Your dog deserves a good, top-quality dog ​​food - And it can get that from

We carry some major quality brands from both Denmark and other countries.

It is important to have a high meat content, of course one could be tempted to say. After all, it is a carnivore, i.e. a predator. But it is unfortunately all too often seen that manufacturers make mixtures with little content.

What should you choose?

You should steer clear of dog food mixes that contain very little animal food and instead have a high content of fillers such as grain, corn, rice, beets and the like. It does nothing good for your dog. You may think that it is a complete food and therefore it can be used, but the truth is different.

Your dog may be able to survive on this kind of dog food , but it does not function optimally. The dog is not a herbivore. Yes, it can eat it, but it can't use it very well. Therefore, you will also use significantly more feed than if you choose a good quality feed with a high content of animal products.

The best brands

With us you will only find the best brands, nothing else. You won't find bad low-priced brands here. Only the best is good enough for your dog.

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