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Nice design for dog training and walking with dog

At Cloud7, there is one thing you can be absolutely sure of - namely that design and function always go into a higher unity. And that is definitely also the case with the exclusive products that Cloud7 has designed specifically for you.

At TheWoofPack you will find a careful selection of delicious products for you as dog owners. We are, for example, really happy with this belt bag from Cloud7 where you can both carry your own wallet, phone and keys and where there is also a separate pocket for dog bags. We think it's a really smart way to have everything in one bag when you're out and about.

The best treat bag with everything in one pocket

If there's one thing you should never skimp on when you have a dog, it's treats! Regardless of whether you're really into dog training or just want to spoil your dog a little once in a while, we just can't ignore the fact that treats are an essential part of having a dog.

A treat bag is an easy way to have easy access to dog snacks so you can always reward at just the right time. A proper treat bag should generally be able to do two things – ensure that it is quick and easy to find a treat and at the same time be easy to carry.

The treat bags from Cloud7 have gone an extra step in their design. The small, and clearly most popular, treat bags are closed via a magnet. This means that you don't have to worry about dropping the treats all over the place and that you don't have to worry about zipping or tightening the treat bag to get hold of what's important - namely the delicious snacks you've packed for the walk.

Never run out of dog bags on the walk

Is there anything more annoying than standing there with your dog, who is about to do his thing and then your pockets are cluttered with a dog bag - which you have obviously forgotten at home. Practice how embarrassing!

An easy way to be sure that you always have dog bags with you on your walk is to have a bag with a whole roll of dog bags in it. Cloud7 has designed some nice and practical bags for dog bags that you can either attach to the dog leash itself or hang on your bag.

All treat bags from Cloud7 also have a separate compartment for dog bags - and it's a really smart way to have everything you need for the walk in one practical bag.

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