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Collection: Dog balm

Dog balm and care for the dog

Dog balm for the dog from Lila Loves It.

The shine of the dog's coat is thus optimized, as FELL SPRAY dog conditioner cares for the coat intensively.

FELL-SPRAY has an intensively nourishing effect, thanks to valuable oils such as macadamia, jojoba and coconut oil. The dog's coat becomes noticeably easier to comb with this dog conditioner.

With daily use, the fur structure is sustainably improved and the dog's fur is protected. Aloe Vera provides a lot of moisture and vitamin E has a regenerating effect on the skin and fur.

The dog towel is incredibly absorbent, and from our partner Labbvenn.

The towel for the dog is made from a mixture of bamboo / cotton fibres, which makes it a very environmentally conscious product.

The dog towel is a suitable product for drying your dog.

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